Frankie and Khi are in a long term relationship. They are both trying to chase their dreams. But while Khi finds it hard to get a job, Frankie has to face the first day at her dream job with her hair ‘gone rogue’ because Khi used all her hair conditioner. This apparently small thing makes them start an argument that will reign over their day making their anger give way to their frustrations.

Even though it sounds like an intense drama we assure you ‘seriousness’  intertwines well balanced with comedy in Fray Forde’s ‘Good Hair, this crazy story about a couple, both with curly kinky hair. Who would’ve thought hair can cause so much trouble, right? Hair certainly does an impression in this short comedy, but before anything else behind each hair there is a person hiding. And this is what director Fray Forde seems to be putting his bets on: making use of the eccentric hair of the protagonists to suggest the surface of things – which usually puts an instant label on us (we all know we’re due to a good first impression, which whenever missed, makes it hard to get a second chance) – and generate an antithesis with the true selves of his two characters who emerge as strong misread individualities. ‘Good Hair’ is nevertheless a very humane film aiming straight to the roots of its characters‘ motivations and watching their sentimental development closely. It’s hard not to enjoy their funny and troublesome journey to their social acceptance and inclusion, to their mutual tolerance and their emotional maturation.


Camera work is confident and is a good warranty for an enjoyable view, while actors reward the viewers with natural convincing interpretations, a good premise for a good laugh.

Undoubtedly Fray Forde’s film is a reflection on the daily squabble out of little things that couples give in to as a routine. At the end of the day it is important to remember not the ‘what’ in a relationship but the ‘why’. Love, comedy, drama and social inquest are all in to deliver a complete short cinematic moment in Fray Forde’s ‘Good Hair’.