Golden Leaves’ is one of the most professional music videos in our festival so far. There is everything well made in this video: from framing, lights, costume design, stage design to color grading and editing.


The story is simple: a young girl meets another young girl who introduces her into the magical world of circus. Many years later the girls meet again and the magic is still there. But the way in wich directors Livia Alcalde and Francesco Sperandeo screened is quite special. The meeting of the circus girl seems to arise in a moment of loneliness for the second girl. This will make the acquaintance of the two unforgettable. In a moment of ‘emptiness’, a friendship begins, one that is much like an initiatory journey. New faces, masks, people with different abilities that all together form a whole new world will make the guest both curious and eager to learn about it. This new momentary experience will neutralize the loneliness, adding a new fantastic memory for the young guest who will forever yearn to meet her friend again.


The magic world of circus is definitely presented to us as an old memory that is nostalgically thought about and is the director’s way of placing it at the edge of imaginary – the circus itself is full of creativeness, imaginary and fantasy if we think about it.


However the two girls will meet again as grown up women only to experience the same magic whose key is symbolised by a golden leaf. This does not necessarily need to happen for real, it can be a result of imagination again after many years from the first experience. This hypothesis seems to be supported by the lyrics too:


“You’re apart of my own world dear
There’s no need to dream you, hear me [..]

You are part of my own world dear

There’s no need to dream you really.”


Like the circus girl is just another alter ego. The way it was directed the video can support many meanings and interpretations easy to be understood metaphorically.


This is one well made music video! Good job!