Every so often life puts us in the most challenging situations; but human condition is not always easy to bring down. Andy McComb’s short documentary is a storytelling about a young man, Justin, who had his left arm amputated and therefore had to adapt himself to a new way of living and to learn how to cope with his loss.


It’s admirably to watch Justin talk about his handicap and his life after the accident. The psychical strength he emanates, the lack of frustration and the naturalness with which he relates with his new condition are real proofs of what human condition is sized of.


Andy McComb’s short is one about the power to resume things after the most critical situations in life. Especially the title ‘Everyone Can Clap Their Hands’ has the power to potentiate the film and highlight its essence. Justin reminds at a certain point after the accident after a song ended in a bar concert a woman next to him would urge him to clap the singer and would not understand why he couldn’t do it: ‘Everyone Can Clap Their Hands.’. This is just the simplest gesture that can be done with both hands. It’s a gesture that symbolises joy and appreciation.


So we thought this turns Andy McComb’s story into one about the silent way of expressing joy and appreciation which we would ascertain to be ‘gratitude’. Justin deserves all the clapping.


‘Everyone Can Clap Their Hands’ is a film that teaches us about gratefulness, a feeling that many of us forget to remember about even after outreaching the most challenging thresholds in life.