A woman is writing a story that she is due to deliver. By the time she will find the right ending her fiction will seem to escape into reality and apply to her.


Arnon Z. Shorr catches one’s attention from the first frame. Well equilibrated cinematography (good framing, good grading, good lighting) deliver the story with clean shots that are mathematical and precise. Editing cuts with timed rhythm are presented like they are measured with the stopwatch. Each cut increases the pulse, and each following shot makes it even more thrilling. Lasting for only 3 minutes, ‘End of the Story’ is a pill of adrenaline, a sarcastic remark, a comic flash. 


By binding thrills and humour together, Arnon Z. Shorr’s short film feels like it’s making an irony out of the writers’ destiny. Always dedicated, always in need of creativity, always a slave of originality fated to search the deepest corners of the mind, to squeeze the last drop of inspiration and in order to put it on paper for the sake of the news, the writer experiences intellectual exhaustion and emotional saturation. There is a certain kind of sadness in the truth behind ‘End of the Story’. Surrounded forever by their own ideas and their own fiction, the writer is a victim of a strange solitude that exposes them to psychical exhaustion. They are every so often shadowed by their own tale which always has the last word.


A short, enjoyable short that delivers the story concisely and humorously in a record time that will make you yearn for more.