A man is  looking for a woman he doesn’t know and has never met; they both search for each other, they dream about each other, they dance through emotions together, resonating in each other’s imaginary projection and reaching after the intangible.


Katsuyuki Miyabe’s ‘Duet.’ is a delirious choreography of feelings and desires, of dreams versus reality. ‘Duet.’  is a highly poetic film ‘designing’ verses through highly stylised movement. Katsuyuki Miyabe’s main characters are in fact feelings revealed and shaped through dance. The protagonists become puppets of their own yearnings, they are – one for the other – malleable like water,  indispensable like air.


Duet.’ is a mute elocution about the pre-existing feelings for the yet unrevealed consignees. Laws of attraction find themselves on the sheer existence of the attracted sides. Their origin lays its roots in imagination: it is where the dance, the search… the discovery begins. By the time everything gets revealed in reality the best part might have already been consumed in one’s imagination.


Director Katsuyuki Miyabe chooses choreography, music and cinematography as his main weapons on his poetic quest. His silent steps among words reward the viewer with unique emotions so hard to define but so familiar at the same time.


A truly unique cinematographic journey!