A young man has been dreaming all his life for the ideal woman. One day she shows up and by coincidence she carries a few characteristics and clues that the young man has become obsessed with when imagining ‘her’. Everything goes well but he forgets asking for her phone number; when he desperately tries to find her, things get an unexpected turnaround: they are not at all what they appeared to be and they will get the young man into a mess. But things won’t stop here: signs and clues will show up again throwing our young character into a déjà vu… and giving him a second chance.


Director Ibrahim Jacobi tells us a story about every young man’s dream of the ideal woman, about how she is fantasized about, and how a man’s mind outlines her, making her a very exact personality and transforming her into an obsession that will make its ‘owner’ not to settle for less at any cost.


But when these very strict patterns appear – do they really apply, is she really the one, or are they just a row of fixisms that the mind stubbornly wants to see and apply on every potential occasion?


Our young character is ‘Diving Deep’ into his fantasies and expectations, exploring mostly an imaginary world that his mind is set to make it true and project it in real life. It is interesting how we program ourselves to believe our own imagination only to feed our morale. Humans find it easier to resign to their own life when they manage to sprinkle a few glimpse of ideal on it.


An interesting well made student film that won’t disappoint you and that will serve truthful emotion to the viewer.