Nothing is more sad for a child than being rejected by their peers and excluded from the group. While sometimes this is due to personality issues, other times this happens as a result of parental abuse.

Yeounhee has grown up isolated from other children and she ended up being quite a lonely teenager. Until one day when a colleague calls her to meet up and she decides to go out and take the opportunity to make a new friend. For the first time in her life her mother doesn’t react and lets her go. But this will prove to be only the beginning of a terrifying story. 


Yoo Han Jin’s film explores the frightening alienation parental abuse can bring to the mind of a child. Following the trend of Korean-style action-thriller blockbusters and combining horror elements, ‘Disorder’ offers a suspense, packed experience that keeps the viewer on the edge. Making new friends and trying to establish new connections have rarely looked so dangerous. Knowing nothing about Yeounhee – but perhaps only that she is quite lonely – SooHyun’s day turns into a nightmare after she calls her up to invite her to spend some time together. Yeounhee appears to have suffered a serious trauma as a result of her mother’s treatment and is now suffering of a very serious disorder. he outcome of the film makes one seriously think about what hides beyond the anonymity of the endless crowd of people among which we get lost everyday. We never truly know our neighbour and old acquaintances are safe to hang out with according to Jin.

Mysterious and sprinkled with suspense at every step, Yoo Han Jin’s film unfolds unpredictably, gaining unstoppable momentum and heads ‘torturously’ tensed towards its inevitable ending. Disorder’ is in fact trying to raise awareness regarding the untreated undisclosed schizophrenia cases that wonder free among people. While some of these cases can be brought down to instances of sociopathy or the reduced ability to emotionally process and deal with the environment surrounding one, others really give chills down the spine by leading to personality halving and giving way to violent behaviour or manifestations. These are the cases that should maybe be better handled by society for the sake of others.


Thriller-horror fans… watch out for ‘Disorder’!