When we first saw Alex Torres’ ‘Darker‘ we thought: ‘kind of a student-like film!’ and ‘what’s wrong with the main actor? Couldn’t he find a better face?’. While we were rather right about our first thought, we couldn’t have been more wrong about the second.


This must be amongst the director’s first films and is certainly the first horror we had the chance to review.


We’ll start by saying that filming black and white was a very good choice. Now, we are not horror films fans but this one really gave us chills. Though ‘Darker’ starts a bit ‘undecided’ and ‘insecure’ as you move deeper into the subject the film gets better and better.


The sound effects are pretty good and the edit close to the end is quite successful, making the overall mood very strange and eerie especially while watching the last two or three minutes. And also to mention that the main actor justifies his presence in a magnificent way!


Our conclusion is that the director has an obvious propensity towards the horror genre, managing to install the appropriate mood and give the public the afferent chills. What actually makes Alex Torres more laudable is that he achieves all these with minimal resources.