‘Dark Red Blood’ is an iPhone 6 ‘staged’ horror, telling the story about a skull-masked killer and his victims. The experimental tendencies make the story a little unclear but as for most of the horror films there’s not much philosophy about it except for the goal to deliver the thrills.


While ‘Dark Red Blood’ doesn’t leave much to debate about the story, its main qualities lay in its editing and overall experimental cinematic treatment as well as in it being filmed on an iPhone. We would ‘scold’ director Domenico Cutrona for the slangy approach – which was unnecessary, really – but the silent movie elements combined with comic book look-alike inserts make ‘Dark Red Blood’ look very interesting and kind of unique among short films of its caliber.


For one’s own curiosity and should they ever be interested in the title, the dark red blood is the blood that would come out from the veins and arteries. Enough said about it to see the title is inspired and fits well the genre speaking for itself, and even releasing a few thrills of its own.


While the music could have been occasionally better dealt with, the silent film elements – black and white video, brief descriptive text inserts instead of dialogue – are rightly used by the editor to potentiate the experimental-horror appearance of the film and bring a massive contribution to the overall result.


Anyway… here’s an original experimental-horror for the genre-fans by Domenico Cutrona.