A grieving brother is persistently diving from place to place to find his drowned sister, who disappeared while going diving without mentioning exactly where. She certainly drowned, but her brother can’t have peace before a last goodbye. 


Alexandre Jamin’s ‘CYU’ (to be read ‘see you!’) is outstanding. Jamin proves himself to be both a brilliant director and a talented cinematographer. His vision on the brother’s powerful grief and self-motivating cuts on his arms before each dive is so telling that you feel the pain on your own body. It just triggers the viewers’ empathy so powerfully that with each dive it just forces your brain to want to find her.


Besides the confident directing, acting is mesmerising: the main character’s impersonation of the diving brother is so intense that his pain, his determination, his obsession, his sadness transcends beyond the screen. Well harnessed by the highly photographic cinematography that frames it in a very filmic way, Alexandre Jamin’s short film exhales such a genuine mood, such an authentic feel. The original score by Sebastien Renault helps too with its genuine approach. Locations are extremely well chosen and one can see the close care granted to each element of the film.


‘CYU’ is just that kind of film that catches you from the first glimpse and obsesses you with its hermetic mystery. Well, what can we say? We felt really astonished. We loved ‘CYU’. Outstanding film experience, one of the rare over the top entertaining experiences we have. 


For its genuine ability of sketching pain and for its visual poetry, TMFF has awarded ‘CYU’ the 2nd Place for Best Film Of July 2016.