A man is coming back from the dead to ‘haunt’ his concubine – who actually killed him… This is one crazy yet tasty black comedy. The first thing that strikes you is the situation: the man’s ‘haunting’ is actually done on one purpose only – to help the woman get rid of his own body; the second is… the dialogue which is very witty and humorous but also very cynical.


Director Mark Datuin and writer Barbara de la Fuente – who is also acting in one of the two leading roles – do a wonderful job placing this comedy on the ‘black’ cynical side. With inspired dialogue and great acting this film is entertainingly gluing your eyes to the monitor.


The array of meanings is roughly and cynically served to us and is quite clear that both the director and the writer have a powerful sense of irony.


Cut and Fried‘ will make you think from the very start at the strange, exaggerated side of love. Just how far can one go with cuddling? Is it a good thing? Does it grow expectations? Does it dilute the already thin line between love and jealousy? Does it create bad habits?


And there are many other questions that this film will bring to question. One of our favourite question that we liked to play with, joking around and ‘brainstorming’ at the same time is: how unconditional can love be and what is the decent limit in giving it so unconditionally? Either way we put it we could not say that one of us was wrong and another right. However, the version the director chose was, clear enough to us, closest to the truth. 


We try every so often not to disclose to much of the films we review because it is so much better for the public to discover them by themselves. So if you are curious what we are talking about we invite you to watch this short film and leave your comments. We strongly feel that you will face a film with a good ability of educating your sarcastic and critical side.