When a teenager girl doesn’t show up for training with the basketball team for several days the coach tries to find out why this happened, all with the help of her best friend Alex. But when Alex starts to look for her friend she will find out dark things.


Crying Wolf’ from director Jason Rivers is a suspenseful psychological thriller that will make you suspect everyone. Though it’s after a recipe well established for the genre the film manages to deliver the thrills and to include quite a lot of things.


We liked the well outlined characters, though we think a bit more patience would have helped the actors to better refine their interpretations. Each character has their own story and the villain is quite convincing.


We were surprised however by the dark ending of the film. This is what gives it a little horror hue. Jason Rivers’ characters manage to be unpredictable, starting with Alex who seems to be a disinterested young girl and ends up by proving to be courageous, smart and persevering and ending with the coach who appears to have the perfect profile for the main suspect but turns up to be just a very caring father. 


While the characters’ construction is the most obvious strength of Jason Rivers’ film,  ‘Crying Wolf’ manages to be a very entertaining, suspenseful thriller.