We start up in life (mostly during youth) feeling independent, challenging and rebelling against convention, against routine, against everything that is not encouraging a free spirit. But when we reach a certain step we are bound to accept what we’ve been running away from our entire life; this acceptance grants us integration, makes us part of society and allows us to earn our living.


And then again when we had got there despite our initial enthusiasm, we would remember our feelings of freedom in our beginnings and would try to rebel again. But this is not possible anymore. The minute our integration has been made, our ‘education’ is done, our minds have already been programmed to work in directions that eventually we have to accept. We become one of the many ‘microuniverses’ ‘xeroxed’ after the same recipe.


You will find in director Jose Reyes’ ‘Circles’ a combination of experimental and surreal cinematic treatment of the above, very originally filmed and expressed accompanied by a very uniquely chosen music as well.


Some symbols in the film send to the idea of things going in circle (routine) while time stands still; quite philosophically if we think about it. In the end it is not time that grows us old but constant routine that tires the person. When we get old and out-dated, we look back and most of us will feel hysterical about it: about the lack of control, about the loss of identity, about how easily we’ve been fooled to ‘idealessly’ live our lives and to resign to an unseen ‘Big Brother’.


Undoubtedly a unresting idea but genuinely expressed by director Jose Reyes.