Cellophane’ is Ambros Chapel’s music video for the song with the same name. Directors Ruben Soler Ferrer and Santi Agustí “Sapone” aimed for an experimental mood with this one: two ballerinas dancing on a stage change their scenic movements from synchrony to a game of dominance.


A strange feeling of choked, repressed emotions arises when Chapel sings ‘cellophane’. Shot in a very strange manner that manages to capture ‘close-ups’ of the two dancers’ movements, the video feels rather like watching a dance that teaches one about its anatomy – two dancers and the ‘competitive’ relationship between them – than the other way around – watching two dancers manifesting their own selves through dance.


Editing sprinkles the video with ‘smearing’ effects making characters and gestures melt into each other and become indistinctive silhouettes of colours and shadows cast on a background that was once a stage. A red obsessive hue and dense pixels aid to the overall mood of the video making it transcend away from reality in a dimension of a submerged delirium quelled by the appearances, the surface layer of things. Once the surface is scattered, all the repression drains into reality, mutilating it and making it unrecognisable.


The experimental video of Ruben Soler Ferrer and Santi Agustí “Sapone” combines with the instrumental metallic sound of the melody, touching a high chord that obsessively reverberates in one’s head.