Roller Mobster is a new music video in our festival belonging to the Carpenter Brut band and directed by Dorian Masson. This is a mind mazing short story of four characters. None of them is what they seem to be. Or anyway, two of them will prove to be ballast for the other two. A kidnapped damsel in distress is being guarded by two mobsters while a fourth (maybe a bounty hunter or a redemption agent) shows up to apparently save the situation – who by the way is also a woman.


Strangely, something happens and the plan changes. It is unclear what changes exactly but our imagination lets us read that the two standing mobsters were working hand in hand.


At the same time the story can be looked at connotatively: eros excludes all additional elements that would prevent it from manifesting itself. Eros will choose the two matching characters, the two that seem to suit up perfectly and have the most chances of success and will eliminate the other two.


The video is shot in a westerly environment and together with a very appropriate succession of frames that help build a good tension for the video. The western genre also seems to be a very appropriate choice for the extremely competitive ‘love market’. We also appreciated the fact that the story has everything from a mobster’s world – betrayal, pursue of own interest, even a little greed can be felt there. The cinematography by the way is very good and the editing very rhythmic – it keeps up well with the pace of the song.


After watching this we thought: ‘It’s quite amazing what a good result can be achieved with a simple idea and passion.’ Well done!