By my side’ is the video directed by Manuel Camacho after the original soundtrack song from the Spanish feature ‘Candela’ – the same director’s first feature.


The video interestingly summarises the feature highlighting its emotional core. We haven’t seen the feature but we much liked the characters in the video and the strange sensation that Carmen Martinez – the song interpret – leaves you under the impression that she impersonates the main girl character in the feature at an older age. This gives the video a nostalgic air, making one feel that something about the story is left ‘unrevealed’ or ‘opened’ for an outcome. It actually made us curious about the feature too.


We sense the video is about the occurrence of the maternal instinct, or even better about teaching the female teenagers about what assuming the role of a mother means, and what the love of a child can feel like. All throughout the video you can feel the intense necessity of the young girl’s character for a mother’s presence and a strange addiction of the female character – which at first we thought it was the mother – for the child’s affection, despite her attempt of inhibiting her own emotions and getting rid of the little girl.


But there is one shot in the video that made us understand that there is something supernatural going on with the presence of the little girl – which is why we previously said that ‘we thought’ the female character was a mother. This makes the video even more intriguing, making one imagine different hypothesis about the real story of this film.


Eventually, after watching it and experiencing the emotions by the character’s side, we feel ‘By my side’ is more about accepting the parent’s instinct and not inhibiting it out of ‘fashion’ or ‘terribleness’.


We think the video is very to the point and delivers what a soundtrack video of a feature should: a little synopsis of the film which stirs nostalgia for the fans and which will be a huge turn on for those who haven’t seen it yet.