Produced and written by Andy Blithe and directed by Kris Smith, ‘Buying Time‘ is a 2024 feature that stars Andy Blithe, Mark Wells and Estelle Long. The film takes us right into a future plagued by deadly viruses. A father, driven by desperation, finds himself grappling with the moral implications presented by an advanced chip technology that extends life but requires sacrificing another’s. As his situation deteriorates, desperation forces him to confront the possibility of doing the deal with the devil. However, he slowly uncovers the truth with the help of a rebel group, uncovering the nefarious forces that have destroyed the system from within. A bloody confrontation ensues which will result in consequences for all.


The acting by the cast, particularly Andy Blithe and Mark Wells, is superb. Blithe dives into the role of his life with ease and manages to steal the entire film. Going toe to toe with him is Mark Wells and together, the two elevate the film entirely. The rest of the cast manage to deliver their very best as well, helping to elevate the writing through their nuanced performances.


As far as the direction is concerned, this is a competently made thriller that ticks all the boxes and more. The story unfurls rapidly and the narrative pacing remains brisk. There is never a dull moment in the entire film and the rapid twists and turns ensure the audience remains glued to the story. Smith keeps the exposition creative, and so the audience is allowed to take an active part in how the protagonist discovers the vast conspiracy and strives to then act against it. In the technical department, the film is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The cinematography is vibrant and deep and it actually reflects the subtext of the story according to specific scenes. Kris Smith manages to keep the action close, ensuring that audiences feel a little claustrophobic in tense scenes. Equally impressive is the sound design that keeps hearts racing. All in all, this is a fantastic audiovisual experience that manages to soar above what is expected of it.


Thus, ‘Buying Time’ manages to do its subject matter justice. Juggling the complexities of such a moral dilemma is no easy task but Kris Smith manages to do so with ease. From acting to direction and from the score to the cinematography, every aspect of the production is top notch resulting in a film that will enthral and impress audiences the world over.