A man is digging a grave in the middle of nowhere. Flashbacks from the past when he falls in love with a woman come to life. He keeps digging and digging. The story of his fresh relationship unfolds before our eyes. Until… one day the woman finds the telephone number of another woman in his trousers. It is now that the truth about his digging is revealed.


Jarno Vinsencius’ ‘Burn In Hell’ is a film of unexpected outcomes. Its characters are the manifestations of the feelings of emotional weakness, possessiveness and jealousy. The main character struggles between pleasing his woman lover in order to conserve his emotional comfort and facing his own conscience – in order to bear the burden of his own deeds.


The story’s plot is triggered by this intense conflict between the possessiveness of the woman and the man’s remorse unleashed past while the man’s awful murder triggers the his true criminal instinct. This is the moment that his mind unlocks and he is no longer blinded by the fear of admitting his own mistake: to have deliberately cheated on his lover – a moment when this appears like such a small sin compared to his graver deed – it is only now that his mind starts to perceive the true image of the one that stands by him: her malefic side, her selfishness, her concealed personality. He has been manipulated, he has become a puppet in the hands of a harmful mind.


Burn In Hell’ is a very concise psychological thriller, well shot, suspenseful directed and nevertheless mysterious.