Bullock the Bruiser is not your average superhero, and he joins the party without spectacular super powers, but is indeed one of a kind in this business.  Based on a story written & directed by Marcelo Mayen, ‘Bullock the Bruiser’ came to revolutionise in a very unique way the action hero movies.

First, let’s take a look at the main character: Wilson Bullock has a record of bravery and at the moment he is on the verge of giving this up for the women he loves. But, as it happens, there is a certain situation that forces him to come back in the game one more time to take care of some unfinished business. The character of Bullock is very well created – at some points he breaks the fourth wall, he is ironic and cynical and quite convincing. In the fight he gets into with his so called arch enemy, the dialogue is very good and could be cut off and presented in a highlight of last year’s most valuable moments in film.


The cinematography of the featurette is very good – frankly, when we received the movie and read the bio, we were a bit sceptical, but it turned out it was very well created. The lighting was top-notch, the shadow play, important in superhero movies, was majestically blended in the fight scenes and the editing was good. Sincerely, from our side of view, this movie deserved more running time. This kind of action would have been excellently projected into a feature film, with more action and more dialogue.

The score was really good. We would have expected moments where things would fall apart, but we were surprised to see that this wasn’t the case. The soundtrack came perfectly and filled up the small gaps that were present from time to time.

All in all, this superhero movie was a blast, and this comes from a group of people that aren’t superhero movie enthusiasts. In 2016 we had ‘Batman vs Superman’ and let’s face it, it wasn’t as good as we expected. But from Marcelo Mayen’s featurette we had no expectations and at the end this made the film even more surprising and enjoyable.