When the government makes a new experiment and designs a hybrid creature between man and pig with the intention of making a super soldier (project code name “Army Bacon” – hillarious) humans become the hunted, heads will start falling (literally) and bullets will start flying in search for justice. Expect blood, viscerated guts, biped human shaped pigs eating people, air flips, punches, kicks, explosions and adrenaline worthy of high league box office movies. The gore is at its peak in the trailer of ‘Bullets of Justice’ by Valeri Milev. If you add Danny Trejo, women with moustache and glamorous manly hair locks blowing in the wind you get … we’re not sure what either but it sure is intriguing, action packed and nevertheless funny. 

Is this an absurd parody or is it an allegoric reference to society and its degenerated greed and ambitions? It is maybe a little bit of both and it sure does stir one up. ‘Bullets of Justice‘ looks like a film caricature combining sci-fi elements with horror ones. The trailers incites and vexes at the same time but nevertheless does trigger a lot of curiosity. This is something like we’ve never seen before and we might just as well be assisting the birth of a new genre.


Absurdity and gore fit in together as if made for each other. One might not realise it but it is exactly what happens to nowadays society: the absurdity of the decisions (or indecisions) in high placed positions encourages terror and gore. Beyond the apparent silliness, Valeri Milev’s film might be speaking to us about a very actual issue in a very straightforward way… well, except that it is kind of allegoric and suggestive at the same time. We are very curious what this series of people-chopping, pig-human-meat-feeding, bullet-spreading ‘action-horror-sci-fi-parody’ is going to unfold like. We want to know whether the human pigs eat everyone, if the good-hearted rebel manages to kill the mother pig or the strange woman keeps her moustache by the end. This is Aliens mixed with Hard Target, Desperados with Book of Eli, Terminator against a flock of pigs… or whatever.

Really now, this trailer is awesome and insatiably funny. Have a look for yourself.