A short documentary by Rob Daglish that is interviewing his family about his brother’s case of transsexuality. While they are all speaking what’s in their hearts the director chooses to leave their voices in off and to take a few ‘dry’ shots on the seaside with dilapidated wrecks and windy wood shacks in ruins.


While the feelings of the transgendered brother are put in antithesis with the parents’ frustration and  emotions of guilt, some very long shots (well framed though) leave you with a strange outlandish feeling of abandonment.


There is a particularly long shot where only a car can be seen passing by. This is an interesting assortment of images with the confession of the family members. It looks like an attempt to catch on camera the abyss in their relationship and the feeling it leaves behind. It’s the wish for normality on the parents’ side face to face to what normality is perceived by the transgendered son.


Two very different worlds collide, finding it very hard to reach a common channel to communicate on and to make the necessary compromises to fight their prejudices and accept the situation.


Born Wrong’ is a very unique film through its vision with a special philosophy on sending its message to the public.