While highly stressed with a business proposal he has to pitch, a man forgets about his accompanying in the car on a very hot day, under the blazing sun.


Blazing Sun’ is another exceptional psychological thriller that TMFF festival had the chance to host. Its cinematography and acting are intense and powerfully pronounced rewarding the public with a feverish viewing experience.


Director Fred Castadot makes his story’s main character travel through hell and so does with his public. He tenses the young manager to his limit ‘engraving’ all the possible desperation and irritation on him, all the stress a normal man can manifest, while at the same time he is keeping the public on a heavy suspense with an uncertain outcome.


Aurelien Labruyere provides an exemplary session of acting establishing himself as a very ‘elastic’ actor and a good partner for a difficult directing. Fred Castadot is merciful with his character; he doesn’t spare him a bit. He loads him with a stressed temper, with a nonchalant wife, with heavy traffic and extremely difficult business partners. By the end of the film the director won’t hesitate to punish him with humiliation and eventually reward him with emotional release only to make an example out of him for the public.


All in all ‘Blazing Sun’ is a very efficient lesson from Fred Castadot about human negligence, about the faulty task prioritisation of people and the vitiation of the importance of priceless things by the Utopian society and social status.


A powerful film full of awareness and with deep impact that will haunt you long after it’s ended.