Written and directed by Nyasha Daley, ‘Black, Queer & Done’ is an independent feature film that explores the experiences and representation of Black queer people in the arts, culture and media sectors. With online interviews from artists all around the world, Daley attempts and succeeds in creating a collage of voices. These voices are important in understanding and discussing the breadth of challenges affecting the experiences, opportunities and quality of life of Black minority artists and professionals across the arts, media and cultural sectors.


With a budget of $19,000, Daley manages to make a film that works as a conduit into Black artists from this marginalised community. Getting a highly diverse array of viewpoints on board, Daley structures the film as both a celebration and a call to action, utilising the sheer amount of talent to make a point about the community and its future.


Daley’s direction is splendid as she manages to cut through the noise to create and represent a singular vision. Documentary features are tricky this way but what Daley has managed to accomplish is extraordinary. The film represents a microcosm of multiple viewpoints, some in agreement and others not so much, that succeeds in getting to the heart of the issue at hand. From a technical viewpoint, the film is a homerun. Editing dozens of different viewpoints in a 90 minute long feature was always going to be a challenge but the team behind the project manages to do so splendidly. Equally impressive are the cinematic choices related to colour and shade. From an audiovisual perspective, the feature manages to impress. The narrative pacing is on point, keeping audience interest focused on the issue at hand.


Nyasha Daley’s debut film manages to impress in more ways than one. This is a thoughtful and inspiring feature, one that cements Daley’s rise as a tour de force in filmmaking. The film is a great stepping stone for Black artists to get more recognition and opportunities in a world that is increasingly marginalised. Judging by this feature, Daley has a lot to share with the world. We hope that she is just getting started and we can’t wait to see what she manages to accomplish next.