Written by Reinaldo Moraes and directed by Beto Marquez, ‘Bigger than the World’ (or Maior Que O Mundo) sees Eriberto Leão play Kbeto, a struggling writer suffering with writer’s block who stumbles upon a great story in a dumpster on the street. Publishing the story as is under his own name, Kbeto comes face to face with the real writer, leading to a conflict that will test him to his very core.


Moraes’s writing style works to the advantage of the story as he holds back exposition to allow the audiences to invest themselves in the narrative. In most cases, writing is only part of the process and it is how the actors deliver the writing on stage that really counts. Thankfully, the script comes alive from page to screen flawlessly as everyone gives it their best. Such a lively and talented cast is surely an advantage to have and Marques has honoured the talent involved by making a fantastic picture. Dealing with fate, existentialism and ultimately nihilism, ‘Bigger than the World’ presents several themes that make the experience that much more rewarding, despite the fact that we’ve seen such themes in films like ‘The Words’ (2012). In addition, there are several twists and turns in the story that ensure that the audience does not lose interest; a breakneck pace coupled with potent writing makes the film a fantastic experience.


In addition, the cinematography of the entire production is stunning. From dimly lit rooms to colourful restaurants and bars, every frame of the production feels like a painting. The deep hues deepen the complexities of the story, infusing a sense of wonder and art that makes the audiences appreciate the film even more on another level.


‘Bigger than the World’ is a rare beast, entertaining and nuanced at the same time. Marquez knows exactly what he wants to make and his picture will surely satisfy arthouse audiences who want something fresh and original. A daring statement that works on a multitude of levels, ‘Bigger than the World’ shines bright and manages to impress with its complex story, fantastic acting and crisp cinematography.