A man is trying to get his family and life back and make up for his past mistakes. But all of a sudden he starts to hear strange noises coming from the attic. It is there where he finds a strange box. Opening it will make him confront parallel doppelgängers, until…the last one will be up to a very deceitful plan.


Best Friends Come In Boxes’ is mysterious, suspenseful, thrilling. You won’t know where this film comes from and you will find it hard to guess where it is going. The actor impersonates multiple instances of the same character entering a mind maze of questions with ambiguous answers that offer too little information about what is truly happening. This film is a riddle that awaits unravelling.


Director Graeme Carr makes one think about their choices, about their present life with his short film ‘Best Friends Come In Boxes’. Would you want a chance for a new start? Would you like to change your life? Well if we think about this film, in Graeme Carr’s vision, the change can only come from within. A ‘life exchange’ doesn’t necessarily offer you a better chance.


This is a film that generates many questions, much curiosity regarding its story. It has the power to catch you and captivate you with its strange game of doppelgängers. ‘Best Friends Come In Boxes’ definitely has a strange way to fascinate us with its enigma behind the story.