Clemence and Aude have been friends for a long time. But something will happen between them that will make Clemence doubt her own identity.


Director Celeste Rogosin explores an intense relationship between her two leading characters and builds up an emotional tension like rarely seen. Clemence will try to deny her tendencies but she will find herself hanging between instincts and her leanings towards the common order of things, while Aude will oscillate the entire film between friendship and feelings of jealousy. 


Celeste Rogosin puts her characters through the most emotionally tensed moments. Eros will show no mercy to logic and reason giving way to instincts.


The performances of the two leading actresses offer a show hard to resist to, catching the public’s attention and making them to strongly empathise.


Behind You’ offers a very intense experience making a very close biopsy of friendship feelings and amatory instincts and masterfully exploring their borders. Celeste Rogosin’s skillful directing will guide the actors and the story through the right gate: from the highest level of tension to the greatest relief and to the deepest feelings of doubt. One can hear Clemence’s identity crisis scream of despair.


Behind You’ is an experience that will haunt the viewer emotionally long after it has ended.