Two ‘teams’ of two-member gangs compete for a mysterious bag stirring up a hassle into a bar in Manolo Panic’s music video directed by Remo Fritzsche, ‘Be the One’.


Remo Fritzsche’s characters fight fervently for a mysterious bag with unknown contents; this sounds like a symbolic vanity fight to be the best. The bag might just be an allegory. It does not matter what the contents are as long as one has it. Everyone wants it so they who eventually get to have it will have won… the pride of having it. Maybe that is what it is all about. Protecting one’s own pride. Will succeed those who are prepared to sacrifice the most, to apply any means no matter what.


The parable of a fight over a girl might match well over ‘Be the One’ music video if one carefully listens to the lyrics. They describe the egocentric character of a woman that determines a man to change in order to fit her ‘ideal’ and keep her heart. But her frivolous temper will eventually corrupt the man from his true self and after the harm has been irremediably made she will move on to another man having collected the man’s pride and leaving him yearning after what he used to be. 


The two gangs fight for the ‘bag’ where the ego they have been ripped of lies entrapped. Eventually the ones that are ready to do anything for it win it and flee with it (under the impassible expressions of those who have been through that and know it’s worthless – humorous and delicious) while those who give up look eventually free from the burden of having ‘the bag’ in their care. But things are not over. The bag will always be cursed because it has what is no longer theirs, and she is determined to get it back.


We’ve actually come up with a meaning out of all this and we pretty much like it. Very inspiring video!  You must see this beautifully shot piece of entertaining!