Directed by Alex Afshar, ‘AT ANY COST’ is a story coming from Sweden. While it depicts a case of kidnapping attempt inspired from reality, sadly the script lacks a true action story line. In fact the story is only a teaser with a ‘dry’ outcome.


Fortunately however, the film is well directed and filmed. The tension builds up slowly and convincingly and the film’s best attribute is that the actors do a wonderful job. The director seems to have invested his attention to clearly outline the different tempers of the three villains and took time to assure their portrait is well drawn through their clothing, gestures and facial expressions that describe their inner feelings. The secret core of the film is in fact the interaction between the three negative archetypes that are built in such a manner that each of them ‘draws’ the others through the stirred reactions.


Another great plus of Alex Afshar’s film is its cinematic treatment: it looks filmic.


The title, ‘AT ANT COST’, has been especially chosen for its capacity of sending an awareness message regarding the danger in which children find themselves every time when they are left alone or ignored by their parents. The child has to be saved ‘at any cost’ the same way the three obsessive kidnappers feel the need to take her away ‘at any cost’. The reason of kidnapping? Truly horrifying.


Besides its dry outcome though, Alex Afshar’s film is not boring but on the contrary injects you with considerably suspense keeping you on the edge until the end.