Miners assassinating a Teddy bear, coloured horses wondering about and dancing apples are just a few of this insane music video called of Portuguese band Thunder & Co – ‘Apples’ by director Samuel Simoes.


As declared by the director himself, ‘Apples’ is ‘about the empty phases of life when you drink and get high for no reason’ and wake up the next day feeling ashamed.


Apples is a video with a very raw graphic which we think would have supported very much improvement (as design) but the images and situations imagined by the director to depict nonsense and confusion during debauchery disclose a creative mind able to explore depths hidden to others. The video is mostly surrealistic, mixing – through its combined images of ‘brutal’ and ‘tender’ – emotions of calm with feelings of revolt. It’s this antithesis that points to the conflict between good and evil inside of the ‘drunken’ man. This is the part of the consciousness where, when awaken and the mind is puzzled, the feelings of shame and guilt appear to the ‘sinner’.


Original and challenging – even shocking occasionally – due to the screened ideas, ‘Apples’ is like a dialogue with the booze serving you everything: surrealism, guilt, consternation and nonsense, morbidity and a little humour too.  It leaves you with a bittersweet taste slightly amused by the dancing apples in your head on the echo still going:


’I! Addicted to extremes. / You! Bring me closer to my dreams!’

‘Life is easier when you’re asleep/ All my fantasies are hard to please.’