A single mother is making preparations for her daughter’s birthday. When the father shows up things become strange and an awful truth emerges.


Kiril Todorov’s short film ‘Annie’s Birthday’ equally surprises and saddens with its ending. The film manages to make the biopsy of a mother’s soul highlighting her dedication and loyalty to her child. It so often happens that love can lead to alienation when it loses its target and has nothing more to reach to. Kiril Todorov’s story manages to depict just that: the madness generated by such love that its intensity is almost able to (re)generate its recipient subject.


The director confidently guides his actors towards impersonating their characters. The mother brilliantly expires her inner pain casting much grief over the film while the father is not only successful in sketching his gentleness to his lost family but also manages to express the despair with which he is able to love. Such genuine acting!


With his short story, filmed mostly in one location, director Kiril Todorov touches the public’s hearts only to remind them about what love is – it is not just honey and sunshine but every so often it is loyalty and dedication that come in the hardest times.


Sincere, delicate and heartbreaking, we’ve awarded ‘Annie’s Birthday’ with the 3rd Place for TMFF’s Best Film Of June. We will say no more. If we made you curious enough have a look for yourself.