ALLEGORIA’ by Nobilis Bellator is a very special breed of experimental. Based on a poem by Noufel Bouzeboudja, ‘ALLEGORIA’ explores, in a lyrical way, the roots of humanity. Conrad F. Harvey recites the poem in the background while a time-lapse video with ambient music offers a transcendental experience.


‘ALLEGORIA’ is a powerful lyrical discourse about humanity and its deep secrets. Focusing on triggering the viewer’s emotions, the short experimental aims for finding clues about existential issues such as power, freedom or righteousness. It is all subtly suggested, it is all just a feeling while listening to the poem and watching the video. Nobilis Bellator’s experimental transcends time and space to bring to surface similarities between the past and the present human behaviour. Human desires, dreams and feelings haven’t changed and neither have the deeds. While the common yearning for breaking the limits and reaching for the highest of hopes echoes somewhere in the background, greed for power limits the human spirit in its quest to reach its full potential.


‘ALLEGORIA’ is the silent scream in all of us: the scream for hope, the powerful will, eager to push to action, the lost orientations of spirituality that drives a man in search for answers, that gives him the necessary truthfulness in approaching lives.


A truly fascinating experimental short film, an initiation in wisdom!