A girl finds a very special place of her own in a tree house. But things get eerie when she starts to sense a strange presence around the tree house. She and her brother will try to ‘survive’ the night as things escalate to even more frightening outcomes.


Matt Gray’s ‘A SPECIAL PLACE’ is a successful drama with inspired twists of the story. Things start as a ghost story but in the end they will prove to be more terrifying than just a ghost. The main theme is obviously the good versus evil conflict. Light versus darkness. The director even uses some Biblical quotes to make it clear where the source of the two opposite powers comes from. This makes it maybe slightly religious here and there but on a whole the film really puts the fear into your bones.


An interesting element, the director is using Faith as a ‘source’ of light to fight darkness. However, we regard this not only in a religious way, limited in accordance with the film’s main theme but also as a general message: Faith is the instrument that will help you succeed if your intentions are pure.


The divinity’s help or protection lends itself to those who keep their faith in the most radical situations.


The film will definitely be an entertaining watch for the genre fans despite it not having explicit special effects. Director Matt Gray does an incredible job suggesting the ‘horror’ by only using a few lights and some simple basic effects to induce the idea of an unseen presence.