Edward is in business. And what a business that is! Duane shows up to his place – later than he was actually expected – just to mess up Edward’s work. However, as we get to know the two characters it becomes pretty obvious that despite Edward’s business – which by the way can be pretty ‘bothering’ to anyone – Duane is getting quite fond of Ed, or to better put it: Duane is not really into girls.


Everything will get really twisty when Duane sticks his nose in every corner of Edward’s business and you can feel ‘the water boiling’ waiting for Ed’s reaction..


Simon Alexander’s short film, ‘A Place To Lay Your Head’, is something of a thriller and something of a black comedy too. The ‘thrilling’ part will make you wait breathlessly for the outcome, making you very curious about the contradictory reactions of Duane – which are quite unusual related to Ed’s kind of business – and which are probably due to Duane looking for a place to lay his head on. We sensed a little of the director’s irony here which gets us to the black comedy side, given by the difference between the high expectations of Duane and his exaggerated understanding of affection and the way Ed understands the situation through his work; this will eventually feed our most expected outcome.


‘A Place To Lay Your Head’ is a film that skilfully uses contradiction to stir irony, humor and thrills to the public – very contradictory feelings themselves. Simple as it is it will keep you on the edge.


We would have liked to see a bit more patience in the cinematic approach, but even so – through the director’s skilful combination of contradictory emotions delivered to the public, ‘A Place To Lay Your Head’ is a film of a strange unique feeling.