A man who parks his trailer in the desert, just off the main road, wakes up in the morning, ready for a usual day. He is surprised, however, when he finds money falling from the sky. An upward glance significantly improves his mood: he sees a bag of money stuck on the electricity lines. Determined to get rich, he attempts to reach the money back – but it’s not going to be an easy task.

This short animated film is written, directed and produced by young Colombian filmmaker Fernando Enrique González, and represents his first individual foray into making shorts. Clocking in at just under three minutes, ‘A Lucky Day‘ is over before you know it, but thoroughly entertains while it lasts. The animation style is very nicely crafted, the mix of colours works well, and its simplicity undoubtedly helps.  The film revolves around a single character and his attempts to obtain the money bag – no dialogues or needless elements distract from the viewing experience.


The simplicity of the film doesn’t mean that its elements should only be taken at face value. The man’s potential salvation arrives, but not where he expects to find it, and the way he approaches the opportunity will be vital. These events are full of symbolic meanings, and can easily be derived from the action and interpreted in the desired way.

All in all, ‘A Lucky Day’ ends up providing fun, as well as deeper thoughts. Its charming style and dynamic plot evoked fond memories of our childhood times, spent on watching cartoons, and apparently touched our readers as well – the short film won the Audience Award in the November 2017 award session of TMFF.