A Few Days With You’ is a film about the power of confession, about the refusal to communicate out of own ‘troubleshooting’ and about loneliness. Strange combination of the three that we very often run into and that every so often go together so well.


It is a humane film that aims to sensitize the public and one that puts human emotions under analysis. Characters’ emotions will never be so alive. It also speaks a lot about director Frédéric Kofman’s sensitive personality and his interest on human emotions. Therefore, characters will hide their own dramas that the director will not reveal from the start, they will deal with their own problems and pasts and they will try to overcome all the limits.


The film has quite some twists and turns combined with emotional moments that will ultimately produce surprise and curiosity, and also has a few moments of humor which will keep the public interest awake.


Because the characters’ dramas are quite complex, ‘A Few Days With You’ has a big potential of turning into a feature. What we also noticed is that the film came to life in a good form despite of its apparently low equipment resources which might prove the director’s great passion when it comes to filmmaking.


We tried not to spoil too much about the theme this time. So if you watch the film we are sure you will be curious about how the story develops and you won’t be able to turn it off until it has ended.