Ahmad Asaad’s short film ‘A day in the life of a Syrian Refugee’ follows the story of a family of 16 in the refugee camp at the border of Jordan with Syria. The director spends the day and the night with the family aiming for a ‘tranche de vie’ of the group, catching their emotions and trying to pass them forward to the public.


The film is only 3 minutes long but it manages to be consistent enough especially by its talent of choosing a young boy as the central point of focus.


Ahmad Asaad’s film is somewhere in between an awareness advertising clip, short film and documentary. It manages to combine the emotional impact of the first, with the ability to narrate a story of a short film and the power to raise awareness of a documentary. 


‘A day in the life of a Syrian Refugee’ is a testimony about hardship, broken hearts but also about unbreakable spirits. With no place to call ‘home’, imprisoned by uncertainty between borders, Ahmad Asaad’s characters are only driven forward by hope. A modest life sprinkled with everyday habits fool the time to pass by faster in its race against all things, while the mind still dreams about the moment when peace will call its ‘nomads’ back home.


Skilfully shot and accompanied by well fitted music, ‘A day in the life of a Syrian Refugee’ easily entails the public emotionally and makes them empathise with its characters by presenting the refugee reality from a young boy’s perspective.