If someone asked you on the street how well you know your past and how you would describe it, what would your answer be? If one day someone comes out of nowhere and starts telling you stories about their life that are quite similar to yours, how would that make you feel? ‘2’ is the feature film that tries to answer all of these questions, but not in a regular type of way.


The story begins when Miguel meets his half-sister Lis, after the death of his mother. They seem friendly at first, living normal lives and they both have their stories and pasts. What connects them, however, is the fight with the inner demons that are making their lives miserable.


Miguel (played by Naomi Nero), and Lis (played by Barbara Riethe), are two edgy characters that definitely stand out: Miguel plays the innocence in a very mature way, driving his life problems to a point where they become overwhelming. Lis, on the other hand, has the continuous need of feeling empowered as she thinks she has full control over her life and tries to regain the power that sometimes disappears in her weak moments. They both seem like two fugitives constantly looking back over their shoulders. Their dialogues are sometimes carefully planned as if someone was watching their every move.


One disturbing and amazingly interesting scene was the one where Miguel, after lying over the reason why he is having the picture of Lis’ mother in his wallet, can be seen pleasuring himself whilst looking at that picture. This scene may be unsettling for many, but for us was the twist we were looking for. Marcelo Presotto’s feature may seem oddly conventional at the beginning, and even if you read the description you won’t think more of it, but in reality, ‘2’ has many crazy, small twists that will keep your eyes glued to the screen until the very last second. We’ll have to say it again if it wasn’t clear from the beginning – this movie is not for everyone, and if you are a weak-hearted person with parental issues, then it would be better to stay away… if you are exactly the opposite, then this feature film will be a delight for you. ‘2’ is what happens when you insert Freudian slips into bedtime stories and wait for the ideas to grow inside the mind of a young and impressionable person. A truly original story for the newer generation of viewers!