1500 Words‘ is a brilliant comedy by Andrew Chaplin. The cinematography is good, the actors are great and the humour a little cynical but nonetheless tasty. It rarely happens nowadays that a comedy has subtile layers of meanings and teachings and they are rather made for entertainment only. This is not the case when it comes to ‘1500 words’. Andrew Chaplin will instantly launch the plot and from that moment the public will find their full attention trapped, waiting to learn the film’s outcome.


Throughout his comedy the talented director will serve his public a few teachings about the wasteful character of  a man who whenever will find himself cornered by extreme life or death situations will lose his temper and squander his best chances and resources out of own frustration arisen from the unpredictable for which he had not been prepared.


Every bit of wasted chance will only make the main character even desperate and bring him closer to the inevitable. The way he will use the little chances and resources left will reveal his inability to capitalise them properly and get the best out of them as well as his inability to express his feelings truthfully.


We haven’t said much about the film’s story so that the public will be able to discover everything on their own. ‘1500 Words’ is not only a beautiful comedy but also a wonderful satire about the common man.


Trust us when we say that this is truly one of the best films we had the chance to watch within our festival.