• whyfilmdubsarebad

    Why Film Dubs are Bad

    I love films, and I’ve loved them for a very long time. And, as a film-lover, nothing makes me more angry than seeing a good film butchered and stripped away from what makes it as it is in the […]
  • top10romanticcomedies

    Top 10 Romantic Comedies of All Time

    We all love a good romantic comedy. Witty, lighthearted humor, the promise and struggle of finding true love, and a happy ending tend to make up the plots of romcoms. For decades, people have laughed and cried alongside some […]
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  • aug19win

    August 2019 Winners

    Hello there, the winners of August 2019 have just been announced! Congratulations to everyone involved and hope to see you soon at TMFF. You can see all the nominees HERE or below:   Best Feature – Just Words 2nd […]
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  • aug19nom

    August 2019 Nominees Announced

    Hello there and congrats to all our nominees of August 2019! We remind you that voting for the audience award is still open until tomorrow tonight (31st of August), when we will announce our winners as well. We wish […]
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  • junjulyscrwinners

    June-July 2019 Screenplay Competition Winners

    Hi there, The winners of the June-July Screenplay Competition have just been announced on our website as well as on our social media pages. You can see all winners and nominees here: https://tmff.net/winners/screenplay-competition/june-july-2019/ Therefore, David J Keogh and Velton […]
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  • filmfestivalsthisfall

    Film Festivals to Check Out this Fall

    Fall is approaching and that means much anticipated cooler temps, pumpkin spice everything, and an awesome line up of film festivals across the United States. Whether you’re into small-town local festivals or big national productions, we’ve got some of […]
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  • underthetreereview

    Under the Tree (Review)

    The most recent World Happiness Index lists Iceland as the fourth happiest country in the world. Suffice to say, Under the Tree doesn’t exactly delve into that optimism, and instead focusses heavily on feuds, misunderstandings and outright hatred. It’s […]
  • comingsoonsept19

    Coming Soon: The Films of September 2019

    Hi there, filmmakers and film lovers! Below you will find our pick with the 5 most awaited films to watch next month in September. It Chapter Two (Horror) Directed by Andy Muschietti In Theaters September 6 Synopsis: Lawman Luke […]
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  • cengizheadshot

    Interview with our JULY 2019 winner: Cengiz Akaygün

    We awarded July’s edition of Film of the Month to The Mandarin Tree, and we’ve managed to exchange a few words with the director, Cengiz Akaygün. JL: Congratulations on your win, Cengiz. We decided to award the top prize […]
  • 7iconichorror

    7 Iconic Horror Scenes (II)

    A few weeks ago, I was in the mood to talk about horror flicks a for a bit, so I compiled a list of scenes from horror films which I found to be absolute staples of the genre. Not […]