Having our festival run monthly, a vast array of films and subjects are brought to our attention – some of them more popular, some of them less encountered.



Now, ‘Finger Painting’ sure is a rare kind of apparition in our collection and no doubt a very courageous one. Director Hazel Annikki Savolainen certainly doesn’t go in the comfort zone with this one neither as a director nor as an actress (she also assumes the leading role) and definitely not for the bashful part of the public.


We’re not sure if we should have this ’16’ (or ’18’) rated, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. Most of you should have already figured it out what the title stands for by now.


The director’s approach is pretty straightforward, treating things from different sides of view:


  • from the inner conflict of the ‘finger painter’ which casts a little drama over the short,

  • then ‘places’ ‘finger painting’ socially, which nurtures the drama a little but also feeds a thick layer of cynic humour to it,

  • and then we grasped a little reference (the doctor’s character appearance) to the ‘specialists say’ ‘there’s nothing wrong with finger painting’ which made us feel kind of duplicitous; you can sense both a prejudices disclaimer there and a little irony.


This is a very bold and cynical film but is incontestable very well made. Very good cinematography, actors do well and faces very well chosen, great music and sets.


Director Hazel Annikki Savolainen handles both the direction part and the leading role very decided and… convincing. Worth watching? YES.