• The Promise*

      A short drama set in the harsh West of Scotland. A young man must decide if his love for his girlfriend is stronger than his commitment to his father.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 17 Minutes
  • Unspoken

      Unspoken is a monochrome film. It is aim to break the boundary between you and me. All conditions (objective facts) are excuses to understand who we truly are. We are part of world, part of ourselves as well. […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • This Home is Not Empty

      A personal film questioning the ‘lies you tell yourself’ through a metaphorical lens.    

    Canada 3 Minutes
  • Darker

      When a young man identifies someone in a crime, the perpetrators’ mysterious guardian begins terrorizing him. The good Samaritan ultimately realizes the stranger’s revenge is even more sinister than he had imagined.     Darker Film Review

    United States 8 Minutes
  • Dumbageddon

      A failure of a man that used to be an aspiring astronomer is taking a nap, wasting his time away.   Password: password

    Canada 5 Minutes
  • Don’t Frack Our Future

      Don’t Frack our Future is a provocative documentary, which seeks to explore the growing opposition to the controversial debate on fracking in the UK. From the stance of anti- campaigners, It challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is […]

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
  • Shipshape*

      Keeping a secret is like holding your breath.An independent and self-sufficient man tries to cope with his own mortality after hearing the worst news a person can get. He realises that he can not manage this ordeal on […]

    United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • If the Sheep Were Pink

      Marco is the only child in the village. His childhood is lonely, bored and focused on adults. That changes when he meets Lacho, Biber and Shotka, who came to help him in the fight for children’s rights. Marko […]

    Serbia 29 Minutes
  • Wings and Neons

      Mario (40) has an apparently happy relationship with Angela, however the arrival of Cristina (39), his great old love, destabilizes his life and forces him to recognize his loneliness.  

    Colombia 14 Minutes
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