A young man who has lost his lover visits the Kurokawa Onsen village, in the backwoods region of Japan’s Mt. Aso, where she used to love to go. As he journeys through the mountainside, the figure of a […]

    Japan 7 Minutes
  • El Basterdo

      A music video from The Vintage Vandals… Trying to get to the border before you get picked up by the cops.  

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Ten Dollar Cocktails

      On a ferry to Sweden, two figures walk through the ship decks. Their journey takes them through the night, over the seas, highways and winding forest roads, eventually ending at a secluded cabin in the woods. They are […]

    Germany 4 Minutes
  • The Death of a Funky

      A stop motion placing toys that were destined to land up in a scenario after the discontinuation of their original use. Which was a kids computer game, apparently.  

    South Africa 7 Minutes

      Armé is a music video – here to fight all the hate in this world with love. Eleven children create an army and do what they can to make this world a better place. They face hate with […]

    Sweden 3 Minutes
  • Step Down From It

      In a melancolic inner world of a frustrated girl we experience the fight against our fears of confronting the real world. Music Video / Film for Swedish singer Andreas Moe´s song Step Down From it. Directed by Paul […]

    Sweden 4 Minutes
  • Urn ST Tavern

      A man walks into the woods and finds a pub called Urn St. Tavern. But this pub is no nice place. This is a music video for Fanfare Ciocarlia and Adrian Raso.   >

    Germany, Sweden 5 Minutes
  • Chico Trujillo – Caleta Vargas

      Bodies / instruments in a chromatic experience. Each dancer is a musical instrument. The video is a translation of the song with the bodies and colors.  

    Brazil, Chile 4 Minutes
  • Resurrection

      A man finds a heart on the street. He is beset by the need to find who it belongs to.  

    Italy 4 Minutes
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