• Single Palm Tree*

      Set against the backdrop of the 30-years of armed conflict for a separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka which ended on the 18th May 2009, “OTRAI PANAI MARAM – SINGLE PALM TREE” is a striking film, spotlights […]

    United Kingdom 105 Minutes
  • Katrina’s Dream*

      Katrina wishes to have children but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t. She falls in love with his best friend Ron, who becomes the man of her life. One night, returning drunk together from a birthday party, the two friends […]

    Switzerland 84 Minutes
  • Victor Goodview*

      ‪‪In the Yonkers ghetto – on the outskirts of New York City – aimless-white boy-millennial Victor finds himself without a job and short on the utility bill. To make matters more… uncomfortable, he hasn’t had a bowel movement […]

    United States 81 Minutes

      Jake has just been released from prison. He has one day to stay out of trouble until he starts his new life. He is about to meet Ava. Jake is about to have a very bad day.   […]

    United Kingdom 2 Minutes
  • Red Oliender’s Roktokorobi (TRAILER)

      Amitava Bhattacharya’s “Red Olliende’s, RaktoKorobi” is the contemporary adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s “RaktoKarobi” Play. Mumtaz Sorcar is playing the role of Nandini, where as Shantilal Mukherjee is playing the role the king here Raja Sengupta. Raja Sengupta is […]

    India 1 Minutes
  • The Percy Harris Story*

      Percy is a simple farmer, dragged by a sense of duty into a bloody war that tears him away from his home, his beloved Laurel and their two children. When the war finally ends and Percy is returning […]

    Canada 117 Minutes
  • Prisoners of Time*

      Can a broken heart transcend the limits of the mind to find what it most desires? That is the question haunting war correspondent Willis James after a grenade blast leaves him caught somewhere between heaven and hell. Wounded in […]

    Canada 108 Minutes
  • Murder on the Reef*

      Murder on the Reef follows the hotly debated issues surrounding the world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef. But is it too late? Many scientists now believe as much as fifty percent of the corals in the […]

    Australia 55 Minutes
  • Kibbles*

      A boy struggling to get back into an over-digitalised society joins a rebel girl in her search of the meaning of life.    *Only a trailer is available for now. Kibbles Film Review

    Italy 81 Minutes
  • Werewolf Fatal*

      A group of strangers from the bus rolled down the cliff and came to a deserted village. A mysterious sound coming from the radio, demanding that the ten people have to play a werewolf game to killing each […]

    China 100 Minutes
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