• Dirty Beautiful*

      David is a young, struggling writer very alone in the world. Kat is a lost soul recently left homeless by her ex. Both survive on the fringe of life. So when Kat storms into David’s life and throws […]

    United States 95 Minutes
  • Motxila21 Live*

      Motxila 21 are a unique rock band … full of strength, passion and enthusiasm… but oh!…there is something peculiar about them … half of the band’s members have Down syndrome. The documentary is a road movie.It’s about diversity, […]

    Spain 58 Minutes

      Of course, in a big city almost every one thinks about sex … But what else about to think, if you live in a big city? But only ones is thinking about having sex with love. And the […]

    Russia 73 Minutes
  • The Eve of Saint Anthony*

      Ana tries to cut through the uproar of the popular party of the Eve of St. Anthony. She aims to reach the top of the Alfama quarter hill to meet the “perfect fit” – the man of her […]

    Portugal 44 Minutes
  • These Heathen Dreams*

      Avant-garde, poet and dramaturge, Christopher Barnett turned the literary and theatre worlds on their heads, and then abruptly left for France where he has lived for the past 20 years and where he has won many followers and […]

    Australia 52 Minutes
  • Voice from the Wilderness*

      ‘Voice from the Wilderness’ is a feature length documentary about the Canadian ecologist, and filmmaker Robert J. Long. This documentary is an overview of the man, his working methods, and his final message about climate change based on […]

    Canada 88 Minutes
  • 13 Shades of Romanian*

      ’13 Shades of Romanian’ is a documentary film that portrays the stories of 13 Romanian people living in Britain. The narrative, constructed through their eyes and brought to you by a handful of Romanian filmmakers living in London, […]

    United Kingdom 114 Minutes
  • The Return*

      Haran (the story’s hero), is a bandit from the city’s temple. He is offered to secretly murder the leader of the proselytes. At the way, he is involving to a love and he is forced to decide.   […]

    Iran, Ukraine 80 Minutes
  • A Young King Must Die*

      A Young King Must Die is a Docu-Drama that explores the JFK Assassination from the conspiracy side. This presentation combines facts, theories, rumors, and fiction unfolding in flashbacks as the narrative aspect to the film centers around a […]

    United States 100 Minutes
  • The Vampire’s Apotheosis**

      Vincent and Murray are two friends who are making a film for a major competition. The two friends are afraid of not getting enough realism from the scene and are worried about the competition. The film is nothing […]

    Italy 58 Minutes
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