• You Are Not Alone

      In the year of 2058, Beijing becomes uninhabitable due to air pollution and sandstorms. People are forced to live underground, including a teenage girl. The girl wants to see her sister working above-ground and she sets out with […]

    United States 6 Minutes
  • Mandibula Asesina

      Documentary about the life of the enthusiastic, brave and mysterious MANDIBULA ASESINA.  

    Spain 10 Minutes
  • Point Zero

      In a wasted future, the world has sinked into chaos after a world war of an unprecedented scale, and the rare human survivors have regressed to a quasi-primitive level.  

    France 18 Minutes
  • FEET

      In the darkness of a stalled underground train, something swaps the feet of two strangers. As one is a rugby player and the other a ballet dancer, it won’t work out well for either of them.  

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • Helio

      One worker seizes an unexpected opportunity to break free of his dystopian underworld and sparks a revolution in the process.     Helio Film Review

    United States 19 Minutes
  • “FOR SALE”. Low price. Small use.*

      Carlos (Carlos Blanco) is a middle-aged man who , for economic reasons , have to sell your car. Meet Miguel (Xúlio Abonjo ), who seems interested in it . Both begin a journey that will lead to a […]

    Spain 13 Minutes
  • Broders

      An American soldier (Jey Jey) and a street robber (Caio) know each other since childhood. After eight years, they are reunited at a bus stop in São Luis of Maranhão/Brazil. Without recognizing, one robs the other.   *The […]

    Brazil 15 Minutes
  • Subliminal*

    A young and previously unknown company chooses a small town to sell a revolutionary new product.   *The submitter has decided not to share their film with the open public. Only a trailer is available.

    Spain 23:51 Minutes
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