Subtitles for your short film
High quality subtitles are extremely important for your short film, especially when you plan to submit it to the best film festivals out there or when it is playing either in cinemas all around the globe or on the world wide web.
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What's the process?

Complete the form by sending us the film file (don't worry, we'll keep it secured) via WeTransfer or similar and by choosing the subtitle language and then wait a couple of days until we deliver.


Pricing starts from as low as $35 for up to 10 minutes of film. It can go to as low as $90 for 40 minutes of film.

How long does it take?

You will receive your full working subtitle file or the subtitles directly encoded on film within 10 days.

What exactly do I get?

If you choose our translation service, we will translate from English TO Spanish, French or Italian. We'll provide: synchronization, a digital file of your subtitle (.srt file) OR master file with embedding.