Worst Shark Attack Ever!  No, it is not a new release of a horror movie with sharks that attack people but rather a very original perspective of the subject and we’d add: one that says the truth. ‘Worst Shark Attack Ever’ by Veronica Grey is a documentary coverage of – the other way around – people attacking sharks. We would like to warn animal and fish lovers that this documentary contains footage with high emotional impact. 


If the statistics in the film are true then sharks are indeed endangered species as the human race disappoints again with its slaughtering thirst. ‘Worst Shark Attack Ever’ is very well constructed around the environmental theme it presents and yet again is among the few documentaries of this kind worth taking account of.


We found it very touching; the footage is a bit tough here and there and is sometimes ‘yelling’ at you which seems unfortunate rather than insufficient but overall reaches its purpose.


After you see this you might find the new-horror-shark-attack-movie-releases (with sharks attacking people this time) unreliable.