The Retail Guru
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2014 - May 2015
5 minutes
David Heron


The Retail Guru is a short spoof-documentary following successful businessman and entrepreneur, Dr. Davinder Singh, as he sets about trying to turn a local convenience store into a national supermarket chain with his novel marketing ideas…albeit with limited success.



  • Christopher Leburn

    This is a fab piece of work with an excellent mockumentary style and good humour made all the better for the natural performances of the actors. An excellent little short film.

  • Nick Martin

    I enjoyed this short film. Very natural performances, some inspired moments- the chocolate bars and the look on the old lady- very good!

  • Eileen Vickers

    A good short film with an amusing story line. Well performed by all the cast…loved the old lady trying to cross the road.!
    Well done.

  • Giamluca Marzotti

    This entertained me and that is all a short film should do. Well done to the producer and director. Any more?

  • James Finn

    Really enjoyed this short amusing film. Loved the looks on the faces of the customers! Some good characters.

  • AnnaMaria Pasquale

    I sniggered throughout and liked the idea behind this short film. Great faces and acting and I hope it does well.

  • Chuck Davies

    Cracking short. Brilliant casting! This was a very funny concept that was well executed. A sequel would be nice.

  • Rupert Drew

    Great idea and story line. Very funny. I laughed so hard at the “hole in the head” comment. Well done!

  • Richard Hanrahan

    Amazing short! Comedy gold. Very well written.

  • Chris

    Really enjoyed this. Brilliantly silly ideas from the consultant!

  • Azam Khan

    really good short comedy. Had me in stitches throughout .

  • Reema Ali

    This actually really made me laugh and was quite entertaining for a short film. Definately looking forward to watching the next short film you produce 🙂

  • Simon & Veronica Fulton

    Unbelievable casting!!! And a very decent plot. We laughed and laughed at the Guru’s advice.
    Well done to all who participated and we hope you win an award.
    Well directed and edited

  • Scott Howes

    Very clever piece of work, thoroughly enjoyed it. The reactions on the cusotmers faces were comical. Look forward to watching the next one.

  • Christine Ferguson

    Most enjoyable. The actors genuinely looked downtrodden and miserable. Good casting. Looking forward to the follow up.

  • Will Rogers

    I really enjoyed this short. Some great moments, a solid and funny plot and fantastic expressions on the cast – really captured the desperation. Look forward to the next one…

  • Sarah

    hilarious original piece! This must win, surely!

  • Dave Robertson

    Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Great debut film. Really looking forward to seeing what your next project is! Well done!

  • Arminder Gill

    Brilliant. Haven’t seen anything like this before. Captures the Mary Portas genre beautifully and with a completely novel Asian twist! Shame it wasn’t a longer. 5 star!

  • Cara Uppal

    I felt the film was authentic, innovative and quirky – very watchable and kept my attention – star in the making. My only question is what’s next….?

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