Exit Plan
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - July 2015
20 minutes
TMFF Awards:
July Winner - Audience Award & Original Score of the Month
Richard Oakes


Our world is coming to an end! We must prepare! After an asteroid collides with the moon and sends it on a decaying orbit towards the earth, Mankind is left with only one choice. Escape! Adam and his robotic companion IO must do what they can to get off the planet before it’s too late.



  • RoB

    Buzzing for this film

    • Richard Oakes

      Can’t wait to show you!

  • Louise

    Can’t wait for this!

    • Richard Oakes

      Glad you are excited 🙂

  • Billy Bob

    Cannot wait to watch this in the cinema with a large drink, some popcorn and my trusty Rodentia Coupling !

    • Richard Oakes

      I’ll be there wid ya! 😉

  • Ashley


    • Richard Oakes

      Thank you for your support! x

  • Jo

    Can’t wait to see the film, amazing director and ace main character

    • Richard Oakes

      Can’t wait to show you!

  • Ben

    Perfect trailer! Can’t wait!

    • Richard Oakes

      Perfect Comment! 😉

  • christine john

    Just can’t leave it there!!!! can’t wait to see it, It looks amazing, Brilliant effects bring it on!!!!

    • Richard Oakes

      Thanks for all your support Christine

  • OB

    Looks wicked!

    • Richard Oakes

      Cheers man!

  • Kelly woods

    Can’t wait for exit plan 😀

    • Richard Oakes

      Can’t wait to show you!

  • Drew


    • Richard Oakes


  • Jasmine

    Awesome!! I too can’t wait for the rest. Outstanding job.

    • Richard Oakes

      Not too long to wait Jasmine!

  • Kev

    Astounding work. Can’t wait for this!

    • Richard Oakes

      Thank you x

  • Tim

    This looks incredible! Can’t wait to see it.

    • Richard Oakes

      Thanks Tim cant wait for you to see the whole film 🙂

  • Sean

    Can’t wait for this, trailer is such a tease!

    • Richard Oakes

      he he I know 😉

  • Prauny

    I can hardly wait to see this. Looks amazing.

    • Richard Oakes

      Thanks Prauny! x

  • JGS

    Awesome!!! Looking forward to this 🙂

    • Richard Oakes

      Can’t wait to show you the full movie 😉

  • Luke

    I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the rest of this!

    • Richard Oakes

      the film will have you off your seat 🙂

  • Harry

    Can’t wait to see the full film! The trailer looks epic!!

    • Richard Oakes

      Thanks were glad you like it 😉

  • Peter Callaway

    Where is the rest!! Haha, great work!

    • Richard Oakes


  • Anna

    So, yeah, looks great and all. But if you have the budget to make a film like that, then why enter a ”small” festval like this? This way smaller productions don’t stand a chance in hell anymore…

    • Richard Oakes

      What budget is this? This whole film was made for £1800 which even in short film festivals is considered to be a zero budget movie!

    • Richard Oakes

      This is also my first attempt at a film. never done one before so I’m a complete newbie to the scene.

  • Richard Oakes

    And saying smaller productions don’t stand a chance! do you know how big the production of my movie was? We had 6 crew on set including actors minus extras for one scene. we filmed the whole thing at my dads farm and built the sets out of junk. and all the post production was done by 1 guy. Me! I don’t think you can get much smaller productions than that.

  • Stefan

    wow this look amazing! I can’t wait to see this when it come out?

    • Richard Oakes

      Thanks Stefan! The official premiere is in September 🙂

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