• The Visit

      Matthew lives with his uncle Theo, whom he calls a father. His real father was living abroad when he was very small, so he even has his father memories. Today, Matthew finally receives a visit from his real father, […]

    Brazil 7 Minutes
  • Skin and Soul

      Two sisters in love. Mar is in love with her older sister Celia and Celia with Mar. How will this affect them? The short film raises questions that are somewhat taboo which he wrapped in controversy: The love […]

    Spain 12 Minutes
  • I Scream your Name

      Nicolas lives in a retirement home and gets bored more and more every day. At night, he calls sexual services for homosexuals by phone to cheat his loneliness. The coming of a new lodger, Daniel, will shake up […]

    Switzerland 25 Minutes
  • Reprimanded Feelings*

      A story about reprimanded feelings and interrupted sighs… The love between two women may not resist . A room can be a huge space when you are alone.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Brazil 11 Minutes
  • Pixels

      “Pixels” portrays the disintegration of a relationship. When the distance between the couple seems hopeless, facing it will be the only option.     Pixels Film Review

    Spain 11 Minutes
  • Hexagonal Mirror*

      Hexagonal Mirror is an timeless experience. A sound and visual journey through the confusing projections of protagonist´s mind. He is aimless, flirts with suicide and need help to rebuild his own existence. Around him, the architecture of a […]

    Brazil 24 Minutes
  • Crossroads*

      Following the death of his wife, a depressed father discovers that his son is gay and confronts him leading to explosive consequences.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 19 Minutes
  • Pepper

      The painful awakening of a couple after an evening of fantasies…  

    Canada 7 Minutes
  • Between Us*

      Juliet, a beautiful but straight-laced psychologist, is forced to return to her small hometown after her girlfriend, Lydia, discovers a wedding invitation. As soon as they arrive in Port Fairy Lydia, a carefree artist, realises Juliet wants nothing […]

    Australia 14 Minutes
  • A Box Made of Wood

      Konstantinos lives free in a body of his choice. Vasilis returns at the family home for a new beginning. A box made of wood hides a past between two brothers whose mother dissociated. The box opens. Vasilis resists […]

    Greece 21 Minutes
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